How we met : Sister Ostomy Support Group

My name is  Lydia Beal. I am a certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse in Maine. I was introduced to Gina Day, also a certified Wound, Ostomy Nurse in Pennsylvania through United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA). I was deciding on whether to form an ostomy support group in rural Washington County Maine.

Gina formed her support group, Ostomy Support Group of the Poconos(Facebook Page) over a year ago. She has nearly 20 members in her support group and created events to engage her ostomates to participate in their community. I spoke with her and she gave me advice, encouragement, and support to help me start a successful support group in our community.

We talked about our goals, intentions and the purpose of forming an ostomy support group. We both found very quickly that our mission and compassion ran very parallel and she motivated and energized me to commence my support group. We communicate at least monthly and Gina gives me inspiration and recommendations for my support group, The Down East Ostomy Group.

If it weren’t for UOAA connecting me with Gina, I may not have started my support group. Having a sister support group like Gina’s group allows me to have a sense of accountability, commitment, reinforcement and support!

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