This online clinic adds valuable and convenient resource for ostomates with limited time or access to certified ostomy nurses.” ~ Jeremiah, Manufacturer Rep.

As an ostomate, I do not have to wait one or two months for an appointment if I have any issues with my appliance.” ~ Stephanie, Ostomate

“My surgeon told me that an ileostomy was going to save my life. What he failed to tell me was all of the other things that life with an ostomy would bring. The skin irritation and maceration causing pain and leaks, the odor making me self-conscious and embarrassed to be in public, the emotional roller coaster realizing that this ileostomy was saving my life but ruining it at the same time. I was depressed, feeling isolated and frustrated and thought I would have to suffer in silence. When I was at my lowest an amazing thing happened; I was introduced to Gina. I finally found someone who understood what I was going through. Not only did she provide me with a combination of products to resolve my skin issues, help me find the best appliance to prevent leaks, she also gave me the confidence that having an ostomy doesn’t have to hinder my quality of life. In fact, an ostomy is what finally allowed me to LIVE my life. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support” ~ Erin H.