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Gina Day, Todays Ostomy Solutions

About Gina Day BSN, CWON

“My only reason for becoming a nurse was to help people with ostomies. Each ostomy client has a story, and if you listen, you can learn so much, not only about their concerns and fears, but also about their journey. They enrich my life daily, and I feel I get so much from them. I am humbled by their bravery and resilience.”

Gina Day is a leading Ostomy/Wound Care nurse who obtained her Certified Wound/Ostomy Nurse (CWON) Certificate in 2012. She is currently head of the Wound/Ostomy department at one of the best rated hospitals in the northeast. In addition to this, she is the founder and facilitator of an ostomy support group. Gina has been nominated in the past for the United Ostomy Association of America “Nurse of the Year” award.

“Her dedication, persistence ​and​ passion brought an awareness to our community that it​ ​so greatly deserves. Her positive personality and motivational disposition is an inspiration for our members. Gina Day connects with group members in an indescribably sincere manner. The support group slogan is “You will never be alone” and Gina sees to it that people are not. Gina fills the void and disconnect​ ​that some patients feel after they leave the hospital through her support and forums to share stories. Her outstanding expertise has benefited those living with an ostomy in our area greatly.” – Phil B.

But that is not where she started.

Gina began her career at the age of 17 as a home health aide. She went on to become an LPN, RN, and is now enrolled in a Master’s program to become a nurse practitioner. Her first experience with an ostomy was when she was a nurse’s aide working in a nursing home. One day, when walking into a resident’s room, Gina found a woman in tears. “Can I help you?” The woman pulled back her covers to reveal an ostomy pouch that had burst. Gina had never seen an ostomy before. The woman was unable to clean herself up as she recently had a stroke. With the woman’s guidance, Gina was able to clean the patient and apply a new device while at the same time making sure the client was as comfortable as possible. She saw what a difference she had made, and how thankful the woman was and she felt humbled. She decided right then and there that this was what she wanted to do.

Let us help you on your journey. With effective ostomy management, you can live a life that you didn’t think you were capable of living. Together we can get you where you need to be. We can take you to places you have never been by giving you the confidence to do so. It would be our honor to help you achieve optimal physical and emotional health on your journey.


Lydia Beal, BSN, RN, CWOCN

The inspiration for becoming a Certified Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse (CWOCN) came from my experience of caring for a quadriplegic family member with an ileostomy and urostomy. I became deeply aware of the gaps between hospital care and home care; education and practice; recovery and success.

Since 2016, as a CWOCN, I have volunteered at a non-profit organization which provides incontinence supplies to under served communities. I have also worked for a regional home health care agency where I have been a nurse, educator, and teacher for clients, caregivers, and the families of patients with ostomies.  Subsequently, I organized an ostomy support group affiliated with United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA). This is when I met Gina Day. She mentored me and helped to achieve my goal to help people realize that an ostomy is something to celebrate. Ostomies save lives!

When I am not pursuing my passion of helping patients live better lives with ostomies I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. Thirty years ago, as a newlywed, my husband and I started a wild organic blueberry farm in Eastern Maine. We have raised our family with health and well being as priorities in our daily life. To-Day’s Ostomy Solutions (an On-Line Clinic) is providing me with the means to reach clients throughout the United States. I will share my experience, compassion, and expertise with every one of our clients as they adapt to their challenges, achieve recovery, and begin to live their new lives with an ostomy.